Shared Services in Higher Education

Institutes for Higher Education across the board are looking to cut administrative costs to ensure a competitive edge. More and more, they are following in the footsteps of big business by implementing or expanding shared services initiatives to accomplish their cost savings goals. Whether in finance, HR, IT, grant management or procurement, shared services is revolutionizing how institutions streamline their process-driven operations and drive revenue back to the front office.

SSON’s Shared Services in Higher Education Summit was designed to address the challenges, identify the opportunities, and provide solutions with respect to the most pressing matters affecting the industry so to enable your institution to get ahead in today’s highly competitive, cost-conscious, process-efficiency-driven marketplace

Top Benefits of Attending:


Learn how to develop, execute, and track a successful plan to start up, stabilize, enhance, and/or expand an efficient and cost-effective shared services model for your higher education system


Examine a variety of model structures, practice methods, technologies, and resources to jump start your proposed shared services programs, and/or enhance your existing shared services business


Explore a variety of shared services models---to ensure the best fit for your university’s core mission


Dig deep into topics vital to your continued success such as: Developments & Trends in Effective Buy-Ins; How to Develop a Shared Services Center on a Shoestring Budget; Executive Leadership Recruitment & Development; LEAN Six Sigma; Data Analytics to Drive Continual Process Improvement; Talent Management; and many more

AND our 3 hours of Interactive Discussion Groups (IDGs) will ensure you get significant face to face time with your peers to help with your most pressing challenges. Take a look at our one-of-a-kind program and continue to drive your shared services journey forward.

We look forward to seeing you in San Diego this April!

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